Danielle has worked in accounting for over 12 years. Starting out in corporate accounting, she eventually found her passion helping small business owners take charge of their financial wellness. She started Calculated Solutions, LLC as a way to merge the skills she had developed in taxes and accounting with a more people focused method. This method takes into consideration not only needs and goals of the person running the business, but also provides educational opportunities in small, painless ways throughout the process.

Danielle highly values small businesses for the impact they make on our local communities and economies. “I’ve found that there are not a lot of great accounting options for very small startups to get the support they need to grow and thrive,” she says. “I believe in filling that gap to provide them with high-quality service and information so business owners can focus on the things they are passionate about instead of putting their energy into a chore they hate.”

Realizing that most people don’t like to read about taxes, she is using her blog more as a resource for small business owners to find information from a perspective they might not expect from an accounting website. She includes tips that cover a wide range of business topics that a new business owner might run into. She finds inspiration from things that she is working on in her own business, or from conversations she has with clients or others in the small business community.